Why Do We Leave?

Ever go into a store and see a bunch of new faces, but none of the old? In a small town store, it's something loyal customers don't want to see. It's not uncommon to see a face here or there change, but when 3-5 change, it begs the questions, why do they leave?Being isolated, I… Continue reading Why Do We Leave?


LimeLight Mascara Review

This review may be written a little different from my usual reviews. Trying a little something different. Let me know what you think... A few months ago I purchased LimeLight by Alcone's Perfect Mascara because I lost my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I know, I know, I should know better ( I blame… Continue reading LimeLight Mascara Review

Defeating Her Enemies

Her braided hair flew behind her. Moving left and right, her blade cut through flesh. Her enemies becoming nothing but a shadow of the past. The march up hill was quicker than expected. Fire blazed in the camp. She looked down upon her hideous looking enemies. Covered in scales and boils, they stood watch, preparing… Continue reading Defeating Her Enemies