Life Adventures: A Fall Walk

Author’s note: I apologize for my absence, but hopefully my future posts will make up for it.

With the weather going back and forth, the typical Kentucky fall weather, I went on a little walk during one of the warmer days. This was brought on by some recent changes in my life. Sometimes changes can be overwhelming. My favorite thing to do when I am stressed, or have had a rough day, is to walk. On the walk around my house, I took some pictures of the changing leaves, far of trees, and whatever else caught my attention. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Life Adventures: A Fall Walk”

  1. You really took some beautiful pictures and I did enjoy them. Sometimes it is just the best thing if we are stressed or upset about things, for a certain abount of time to step back and go for a walk to free the mind.

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