Avon Perfume: Mark’s Rebel Luxe

Price: $28 Online Description: "Part edgy, part opulent. Be the leader of your own style revolution with this chic blend of irresistible dark plum, sophisticated baccarat rose and mysterious patchouli." Where to buy: Click Here or from any Avon Representative This perfume honestly smells amazing. I've had people stop and tell me that I smell… Continue reading Avon Perfume: Mark’s Rebel Luxe


Avon Skin Care: Oily/Combination, Dull, and/or Big Pores

My skin is insanely picky and annoying. I have what is known as combination skin. My cheeks are normal but my nose, forehead, and chin tend to get rather oily. My nose is the worst out of these. I'm not sure how I manage to keep my makeup on. I recently discovered Anew Vitale Gel… Continue reading Avon Skin Care: Oily/Combination, Dull, and/or Big Pores

What I’m Selling & Why

This post is probably a bit different from my past posts, but it's to explain something new that is coming. This something new means more review of products. It of a specific brand though. These product reviews will be of Avon products. Why Avon? Well, honestly, just saying you sell Avon tends to peek people's… Continue reading What I’m Selling & Why