My Freedom

Author’s Note: I apologize for the lack of posts. Things have been a bit busy for me. I hope to make up for it this month.

As many of my readers know, this time last year I was selling Avon. Most of you also know I try to have my makeup cruelty-free. Yes, I realize this is a bit of a contradiction. I started selling Avon due to not having a job. Around here, if you say the word Avon, people automatically ask for a book. I’m not saying Avon is a bad company, because it’s not. They just do things I don’t agree with it. Now this post isn’t suppose to be about Avon or how I once sold it, but the freedom I felt from quitting.

Once I obtained a job I enjoyed, and work regularly at, I quit selling Avon. There was this weight lifted off my shoulders once my last order was submitted. Avon got to be more of a burden than a way for survival when I sold it. If I could have used most of their products, it would have helped my money to go a bit further. However, I am allergic to most of their facial cleansers and makeup. This make it even harder to sale. I would have people ask me about a product, but I couldn’t answer because I couldn’t use it. I would around for the customer, but if it was a new product, I couldn’t help them. While Avon may be great for many women, it got to be a burden for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better chance to quit than the job I have now.


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