False Lashes

I don’t wear false lashes regularly, but I do love them so very much. My eyelashes are just kind of bleh by themselves. Yes, mascara helps, but when you have dark lashes and wear a lot of black eye makeup, your eyelashes tend to become invisible. This is where my use of false lashes come in handy. Some people can’t even tell I am wearing them unless they know me. I’ve had people get jealous of my lashes. I told them they were false lashes, then they were envious at how well I put them on.

Putting on false lashes for the first time wasn’t easy. I was 17. I ended up not wearing them to my little graduation. I tried putting them on with the glue that came with them, big mistake for me. I now use Revlon eyelash glue you buy separately. I don’t apply my lashes without it! Before I even apply my false lashes, my eyes have eye shadow, mascara, and even eyeliner. I use only my hands and the glue to apply my lashes. Afterwards, I fix any eyeliner that needs fixed (thicker lines, more of wing, those sorts of things).

I honestly believe false lashes can be perfect for any outfit. It does take practice and patience in order to learn how to do them, but I think it’s worth it in the end. They can be difficult to wear with glasses if you have really long false lashes. I do have to be careful with that. I tend to go for the extra long ones. I guess I have a thing for the dramatic.

I felt like this post was going to be more organized, but I somehow ended up off course. Sorry about that. If you have any questions about false lashes, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer. Also, feel free to share your experience with them. How was the first time you tried to put them on?


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