Review: Too Faced Mascara – Size Queen

Product(s): Mascara
Brand: Too Faced
Cruelty-Free: Yes
Sold By: Too Faced 
And Others (couldn’t find an exact list to them all)
Price: $21

Every time I go shopping for makeup I hardly pick up mascara because I think I have plenty left. I’m usually wrong and run out a week later. This time, I picked up mascara, and what would you know, I have plenty! While this is the case, I’m glad I made the purchase. While this mascara isn’t waterproof like I usually get, it does add a doll like look to my eyes. I love that!

I have tried this mascara by itself and with my Revlon Ultimate All-In-One. By itself, I do like it. It still adds a doll like touch to my makeup (perfect for those that like the Lolita style); however, I do prefer using another mascara with it. Not only does the Revlon help to separate the eyelashes, making it look fuller, it also helps by making it more waterproof.

While this may not get five out of five stars, it does get a four out of five. This is do to the lashes not separating like I’d like and the fact it isn’t water proof. However, I will always want this mascara as part of my makeup collection.


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