Review: Lime Crime Matte Velvetine – True Love

Product(s): Matte Velvetine
Brand: Lime Crime
Cruelty-Free: Yes
Sold By: Lime Crime
                 Other Places
Price: $20

I’ve been wanting to try Lime Crime ever since I really started getting into makeup, so when I found a way to get True Love for free with a purchase from the Valentine Shop from Dolls Kill around the beginning of February, I was beyond excited. I’m pleased with the purchase and the quality of this product.

When I think of Lime Crime, I think of vivid colors. They did not fail on that with True Love. It is a very vivid pink-red color. In some lighting, all I see is pink. Along with the pink comes the brightness. I thought my lips were going to glow in the dark at one point. It was sort of crazy, at least for me. I mean, I wear mostly black. True Love was quite vivid on my lips.

As for how long it lasts, it lasted on my lips the whole day. Actually, I think it took me about two days to completely remove it. The only area I had trouble with it coming off was right in the center when I had food or a drink, but even then, not that noticeable.

If you have an all day event, this brand and type of lipstick is perfect for you. During the summer, I would probably wear this more, just because of sweating and all that icky summery stuff. I honestly kind of question if it would last while swimming, but I wouldn’t attempt it if I were you. It just sounds like a bad idea.


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