Review: Inkkas Blackbird Low Top

Product(s): Blackbird Low Top Shoes
Brand: Inkkas
Sold at:
Price: Originally $74 Sale Price $49

Before I really dive in about the shoes themselves, I would like to mention a little about the company. Any of this information can be found on their site, but I figured I’d write some of it in my own words. I like when a company is able to give back, whether it be to help people in need or to help the environment. In the case of this company, the environment is helped with every shoe purchased. For every shoe purchased, Inkkas plants a tree. They are part of the OneShoeOneTree project. By going to their “Our Story” section, you can find out more.

This may be a little weird, but I’d first like to talk about the box these shoes come in. It is honestly one of the sturdiest boxes I have ever seen. I honestly plan on using it for some sort of art project. Their box, however, is more than just a box. It tells a little about them. It tells you that the shoes are handmade, they use authentic textiles, and it gives background information, such as their philosophy and when they were founded. If you ever need a good shoe box, I’d honestly consider getting a pair of their shoes just for the box. Okay, that may be a bit of overkill, but I think my point has been made.

As for the actual shoe, I was worried at first. It looked sort of narrow. I don’t have a narrow foot. It’s not really wide to the point I have to buy wide shoes, but I do have to be careful when purchasing shoes that can be a bit on the smaller side. When I put them on for the first time I realized I had no reason to worry. I could have even gotten a half a size smaller (my sis purchased a 9, but my actual shoe size is an 8.5 in women’s). The bottom of this particular shoe is a bit slick when it comes to winter weather, however, that makes this the perfect shoe for spring and summer. I honestly like how the shoe fits. It reminds me of my Vans fit, so if you like Vans, I suggest giving these shoes a try. However, when comparing these to Vans, I feel like the bottom is made a bit sturdier. This is just by the feel of them, I have yet to test either of my shoes for such a thing.

Inkkas have more than just sneaker type shoes. They carry everything from boots to slip on. I understand that many people may find the price to be a bit high, however, I am telling you they are worth the price. If you are really worried about the price though, just see what sales they have. I mean, the shoes I have are currently marked down $25 cheaper than the original price. I suggest that you at least check the site out.


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