Avon Perfume: Mark’s Rebel Luxe

Price: $28

Online Description: “Part edgy, part opulent. Be the leader of your own style revolution with this chic blend of irresistible dark plum, sophisticated baccarat rose and mysterious patchouli.”

Where to buy: Click Here or from any Avon Representative

This perfume honestly smells amazing. I’ve had people stop and tell me that I smell good with this perfume. This came from both women and men alike… Okay, only one man has told me this; however, my point still stands. I have gotten compliments on this perfume by both genders.

This perfume is perfect for when you are going on dates or just feel a little edgy. When I smell the perfume, I think of a black and purple outfit with some knee high boots. I’m not sure why this pops in my head; perhaps it’s due to the “edgy” part of the perfume. Since I consider my style to be more on the “edgy” side (that is when I’m not being lazy and lounging around in my pajamas), this is a must a have for my perfume collection.

Now that I have talked about the perfume, I will now tel you how to get this perfume. I left a link above, this takes you to my online Avon store. If you know an Avon Representative, I suggest you ask for a Mark book. Not only will you find Rebel Luxe, but you will find amazing outfits, accessories, and other scents as well.


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