Avon Skin Care: Oily/Combination, Dull, and/or Big Pores

My skin is insanely picky and annoying. I have what is known as combination skin. My cheeks are normal but my nose, forehead, and chin tend to get rather oily. My nose is the worst out of these. I’m not sure how I manage to keep my makeup on.

I recently discovered Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser. I have found this to help my skin when used in the mornings. While it is said to be best for ages 30-39, I still use it. There are other things one can purchase along with it, like Vitale Day Lotion , Vitale Day Cream, Vitale Night Cream, or Vitale Eye Gel Cream. I do not use these items because I am no where near the age of 30. Vitale is also said to help with dull skin and enlarged pores. Well, the nose on pores tend to be rather big. I have noticed them to appear smaller now that I’m using this cleanser, but I do not have dull skin. The only pores that really show are only on my nose. Another cleanser that is similar to this product is Anew Clean Purifying Gel Cleanser. I have not tried it yet due to the fact the other cleanser has been cheaper. However, I do believe that it would work just as well for my skin since I do not have many noticeable pores nor do I have dull skin.

This is some of the skincare items Avon has. If you have a question about any of the items mentioned or others that have not been mentioned, please feel free to message or leave a comment.


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