What I’m Selling & Why

This post is probably a bit different from my past posts, but it’s to explain something new that is coming. This something new means more review of products. It of a specific brand though. These product reviews will be of Avon products.

Why Avon? Well, honestly, just saying you sell Avon tends to peek people’s interest. As someone who has only just now started a part-time job, I could still use the money from selling Avon. It’s not just the money though. They do create amazing products. The only downfall this has is that I do not agree with animal testing. Yes, I know. As a person that sells this, I probably shouldn’t tell you they practice such a thing; however, that is the only thing I have against them at this point. They may do one thing I don’t agree with, but they do help with other things. They have special items people can buy in order to help Breast Cancer Awareness and the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. These are things I stand behind.

When I had my own site for this blog, it was Avon that helped me to continue to pay for it. I may not make much right now, but if I was ever to lose my current job, I’d have this to fall back on. Avon helps people to achieve financial goals. It may be to support your family or just a little extra money on the side to help with something small or to save up for the new vehicle you have been needing for a while.

The reason I am explaining this has to do with the fact I voice my opinion on cruelty-free products. While I stand behind cruelty-free items, I also stand behind the quality of products and other things companies may support, such as Breast Cancer Awareness. No single company is perfect, but some companies help others. Helping others is something I stand behind more than anything.


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