How To: At Home Manicure

Items I use:
1.Cotton Ball(s)
2. Nail Polish Remover (I tend to use the cheapest I can find)
3. Avon Pro Manicure Tool
4.Revlon Cuticle Softener
5.Cuticle Pusher
7. Revlon Treat & Boost Base Coat (any clear base coat will work)
8. Nail Polish in any color
9.Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat (any clear top coat will work)

1. Remove any existing nail polish on nails by adding nail polish remover to a cotton ball then rubbing it over the nail. If the cotton ball becomes covered in nail polish, use begin using a new cotton ball.

2. Apply cuticle softener to cuticles and rub it over the cuticle.

3. With the cuticle pusher, push back cuticles.

4.Using the Avon Pro Manicure Tool – Emery Tool Attachment, I file my nails down and begin to shape them. I just run the tool over the tips of my nails in the shape I want them.   One can also use an emery board instead.

5.With the Avon Pro Manicure Tool – Stone Tool Attachment, I smooth my nail out by running the tool gently over my nail.

6. Using the Avon Pro Manicure Tool – Metal Tool Attachment, I run it across the tips of my nails just like the Emery Tool Attachment. This helps to sharpen the nails.

7.The next thing I do is use the Avon Pro Manicure Tool – Diamond Tool to remove dead skin around the sides of my nails.

8. The Avon Pro Manicure Tool – Buffer Tool attachment is then ran over the nail in order to help give them a natural shine.

9. Apply lotion to hands.

10. Apply the base coat of nail polish to nails and let dry.

11. Apply the nail polish color of your choice and let dry.

12. Apply the clear top coat and let dry.

Your manicure should now be complete!


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