The Art of Escaping: Creativity

Each person has their own way with dealing with things, but how I deal with issues or problems is through creativity. I know there are others that do the same. When I’m having a rather blue day, writing is the main thing I turn to. It’s an escape from the issues I may currently be having or a bad day where nothing seems to go right. There are days when I just don’t feel like myself. On days like that I tend to pick up something a bit more crafty, like painting glass bottles to turn into vases for fake flowers. Other days I pick up a pencil and draw.

Why are these creative outlets important? Because they help. They help people to get through the rough times in their lives. It helps them to unwind. Just like a book can transport you to a new place, creative is an escape from the stress, the sadness, or the anger inside of you.

The next time you are feeling blue or some other emotion that makes you feel as if you don’t know what to do with yourself, try being creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s a battle scene full of stick figures. Just explore your own creativity.


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