Review: Morbid Market Michael Myers Hair Clips

Product(s): Michael Myers Hair Clips
Brand: Morbid Market
Sold at:
Price: $5.32

Contact Info/Websites:

This review is thanks to the creator and owner of Morbid Market for sending these lovely hair clips my way. So, please check out any of her pages to see if there is anything you would like. Don’t forget to give this amazing and friendly woman some love!

Now, more about these hair clips. These hair clips are amazing! I have some bows from Hot Topic and other mainstream places, and I have to say that these clips are just as good if not better. They don’t easily fall apart (which is good for me cause things tend to get tossed around everywhere). There was no slippage in my hair. I didn’t need to wear them with a bobby pin like I do with most bows. I didn’t have to readjust the bow once it was in my hair. It is honestly the perfect bow. The choice of clip is amazing. Whatever materials that were chosen for these hair clips are a perfect fit. These bows had to fly from the United Kingdom to the United States. They were not damaged or bent out of shape in any way. I’m honestly considering getting more bows from Morbid Market in the future. Not sure if they will be as a gift or for myself, but I love these hair bows that much.

For those not interested in scary movies and such, don’t worry. Morbid Market carries more than just that. Do you like The Addams Family, The Crow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney princesses, or Marilyn Monroe? Then check out what she has. You might just find something you like.

If you are interested in this product check out Morbid Market’s Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy pages.


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