Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Product: Nail Wraps
Brand: Jamberry
Cruelty-Free: Unknown
Price: $15
Sold by: Independent Consultant, Brittany Layne

Brittany Layne’s Contact Info/Website:
Phone: (606) 356-4950

This review is thanks to Brittany Layne for sending me some nail wraps from Jamberry. So to thank her, I ask that you go by her Jamberry page (Click here). You don’t have to buy, but it would make her day if you did. Now on to the review…

I love these nail wraps. They are a lot easier to apply than nail polish. I don’t have to worry about accidentally smudging them or anything. I would recommend watching a  tutorial before putting them on if you are a visual person, but other than that, I have found no problems with them. They have survived two showers and a day in town lifting heavy object like sand and salt for the pool. They stay on really well. I feel like they could stay on for a week or longer.  I had some trouble trimming them, which is why I suggest looking up a tutorial on how to put them on.

I took them off after two days because I wanted a different color. They were easy to remove. Had no problem with them. My nails were not damaged or made worse by the nail wraps.  They were a lot easier to remove than nail polish.

If you are interested in this product or interested in checking out Jamberry, don’t forget to visit

Look how clean my nails are! They’re clean like they should be for these nail wraps.


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