Review: Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipsticks

Product(s): Fierce Effects Lipstick(s)
Brand: Hard Candy
Cruelty-Free: Yes
Sold at: Walmart
Price: $5

I am a lover of lipsticks. I love all colors of all kinds. Pinks, purples, blues, greens, it doesn’t matter what color. From Hard Candy, I currently have four lipsticks. I love all of them, but they all work a bit differently.

Heartbreaker (pastel pink)

While I don’t wear much pink, I love this pink lipstick! The color is extremely vivid. It doesn’t stay on that well by itself.  By applying some matte lip primer, it works wonderfully! When I wear this lipstick with some dark eye shadow, I feel like a doll.

Black Diamond (black with a bit of glitter)

In my world, black lipstick is a must. It’s just difficult finding a good black lipstick at a low price. This lipstick is pretty decent, but it does need some doctoring. I start with lip primer, add the lipstick, and at the end I apply some black eye shadow on my lips to soak up some of the moisture from the lipstick. It remains on pretty well, but I’m still searching for the perfect lipstick.

Jealousy (emerald green)

Green is my favorite color, so of course I had to try “Jealousy” out. It’s a lot like the black. You want to add lip primer and maybe some eye shadow if you have some in the right shade. The color of the lipstick though is amazing. I’m glad I have some emerald green lipstick in my collection.

Galactica (Brown-ish)

“Galactica” was the first of these lipsticks to join my collection. It is probably the best out of all of them. There is no need for lip primer when I put this shade on. I’ve honestly gotten my makeup on then took a nap. I woke up with my makeup absolutely perfect (and I move a lot in my sleep).  It stays on pretty well with drinks, but not so much with food. I love this lipstick with some dark eye shadow. It’s a must have for my collection.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchases. When you’re on a budget, Hard Candy is the way to go.


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