Review: Hard Candy Fierce Effects Daring Lip Gloss

Product: Fierce Effects Daring Lip Gloss
Brand: Hard Candy
Cruelty-free: Yes
Sold at: Walmart
Price: $5

Was I buying makeup for a kid to play with or buying this for when I go out with friends? I didn’t buy these lip glosses for a kid, but they are better suited for such. I have a total of three of these lip glosses, Contraband, Skyfall, and So Fresh.

The color of these glosses are amazing, but they wont stay on. I’ve even tried lip primer to help. The lip glosses are rather heavy. This causes them to run to the bottom of my lip. I’ll end up with the color of the gloss lining my lips while the rest of my lips looks like I’ve blotted them to the point the lip gloss is gone.  Skyfall and So Fresh do this more than Contraband. The reason being that Skyfall and So Fresh both contain glitter. This glitter ways it down even more.  Contraband, however, is an orange. Due to the color of this lip gloss and my complexion, the running of the lip gloss is less noticeable. It still happens, but it doesn’t happen as quickly. If I had chosen any other color that didn’t have glitter besides orange, I’m sure it would have been more noticeable.

Over all, if you are going to get this for a Halloween costume you don’t plan on wearing long, go ahead and get it. If you plan on letting a kid play dress up with it, go ahead. If you plan on wearing it for a girl’s night out, don’t buy it. It’s not worth the purchase.


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