Xena: The Empowering Warrior

Author’s Note: Any information in this post is from me. Anything taken from the show is my own interpretation. 

Xena: Warrior Princess was a television show of the 90s. Xena was the greatest warrior during a time that it wasn’t exactly smiled upon when women took the lead. We live in a patriarchal time, but in this show, women seemed to conquer. Not only were they fierce, but they were also inspiring. Xena inspired people to fight for what they believed in. Her friend, Gabrielle, was inspired by her. Xena saved Gabrielle on more than one occasion, but Gabrielle saved Xena from her worst enemy, herself. Gabrielle was a warrior even though she did not usually kill (there is an episode where she is tricked into doing so and things kind of spiral from there). She fought for what she believed was right, just as Xena was doing. Xena tried to keep Gabrielle pure. She did it not only for the two of them but for others. Xena was the warrior, the defender, but Gabrielle was a symbol of purity and hope. A symbol for what the world could be.

Not only did the show have women as empowering, they also broke boundaries that we are just now really breaking through. In episode 11 season 2, “Here She Comes… Miss Amphipolis,” there was a man that had a feminine side and decided to entered a beauty pageant (I do not say transgender because it does not go on to explain exactly why the person chose to join or their pronoun preference). Only Xena knew about this until the end of the episode. During the time this episode aired, the transgender community (even though I do not say the person is a transgender, it does not mean they did not represent the community) was not exactly held with high esteem. In the episode, Xena was kissed by this person, but it wasn’t frowned on by anyone within the show. Instead you get cheering and a surprised Xena. At the end of the episode Xena said something along the lines of this “…beauty is beauty.”

This show not only showed women as the head in places where women are not seen as the head. We live in a patriarchal society, so this is a big step in the way for men and women being equal. Even though Xena, at times, is basically seen as something unnatural because she is a woman, she fights the odds. This show covers things that we still face. Maybe, just maybe, the Xena inside of us can lead us to a better world. A world like Xena fought for.


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