Music: Nick Jamerson

The college I went to has these things called convocations. We were required to attend six a year in order to earn .5 credits for that semester. Some convocations are like lectures and some involve music. This particular convocation involved Nick Jamerson from the band Sundy Best.  He was also joined by Stan Nickell. Out of the four years I attended this college, I can honestly say that this was the best convocation I had ever attended.

What made this convocation the best I have ever attended? The answer is good music, he’s from this area, he’s entertaining, and he is talented. Both Jamerson and Nickell are talented, but this particular post is more about Nick Jamerson. The reason for this being he was the main entertainer of the event.

The songs he chose to sing were songs that revolved mostly around the area. He had one about Hindman. It was about how his grandparents use to go to Hindman in order to date because it was the halfway point for them. He also sang about Pikeville, a place he grew up. There was also the song about coming home. As someone who sometimes wishes to run away from where I am from and knows I will probably never be as comfortable anywhere else, this song really hit me. He sang a few other songs that were just as good, but the ones mentioned were the ones I related to.

Within the first song, his sunglasses fell down and covered his eyes. You could tell it wasn’t planned. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at this. He seemed to have to try and control his own laughter at the unplanned incident. He eventually took them off all together to avoid that happening again. He also engaged the crowd, especially with the fact we were all wearing “professional” clothes while he was in jeans, t-shirt, and plaid. I think we all envied the fact he could dress so causally.  Most students do not like when they have to wear suits and dresses.

Jamerson’s voice was beautiful. If he messed up, it wasn’t noticed by me. The crowd loved him. Pictures could have even been taken after the event. I, however, didn’t take part in this. I wanted food. I’m a college kid. We like food and sleep. Sorry, food was more important at the time. Either way, he was friendly and welcoming of all of us there. I only hope that he can come back so future students can witness his talent.


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