Plus Size Alternative Style on a Budget

Author’s Note: This was originally written May 18, 2015.


As a college student who has a Gothic style, I try to find the cheapest way to create my own style. Their are a few different ways to do this. One may depend on your location. Thrift stores and yard sales are good ways to find clothes. For me, this doesn’t normally work, but I have seen others have better luck. Some may be better if you can do it yourself (DIY). This would depend on the area you are from though. If there are other people your size with a similar style this could be something to look into. No matter what area you are in, accessories is something you can keep an eye out for.

Another simple way is to use what you already have. I had splurged on a pair of Tripp pants. They came with two sets of chains. I connect the two and make like a double layer belt around my waist. There are things similar to my example one can do in order to add something small to their outfits.

Because alternative styles have become a bit more mainstream, depending on your style, items can be easier to find. My favorite bargain place is Forever 21 Plus. They have leggings with different prints. I have a pair that has words written in a comic type font, cross, lightening bolts, and other things on them. I’m in love with them. They have clothes with tribal patterns in different colors. There is currently a rose print dress that reminds of 90’s grunge (so want it!). And of course the place has plaid. The prices are pretty good. They have a good selection that is under $20 and most seem to run between $20-$30. This is personally my favorite place to shop, at least online. There isn’t a store close enough for me to visit.

Wet Seal is similar to Forever 21, however, they do seem to be a bit higher. For me they seem to have less of an option when it comes to the clothes I like, but one can still find something there. I also do not think that they carry plus sizes in store. This would be an online only.

Another place I find some clothes, mostly tops and dresses, is Factory Connection. You can find clothes there from other stores. I have spotted things there from Fashion Bug when it was going out of business, Dots (when it too was going out of business), and Torrid. Sometimes it depends on the store whether they have what you are looking for. This also depends on your exact style, but I have gotten some great deals from there. I found a dress that makes me feel like a fairy…however, I do wish it was black instead of cream. This is one store you’d have to physically go to unlike the ones mentioned above.

Another store that many visit regularly is Wal-mart. Wal-mart is a bit harder, for it depends on what the Wal-mart actually carries and your personal style. I can still shop some in the juniors section for my torso is smaller than my hips. I am able to wear the $3 tanks with skulls on them or the $5 t-shirts with skulls and crossbones. Sometimes they have black summer dresses that are quite cute, but Wal-mart may be one of the harder ones to find exactly what you need unless it Halloween time and you love their jewelry. I go crazy over it every year.

Last but not least, Corset-Story. Corsets are expensive. When I was looking into getting one for the first time, they were all running in the price range of $100 or more, but corset story has sales and have some for cheaper prices. They have buy one get one free sales and buy three for the price of two. These are not super cheap, but they are cheaper than most corsets. Just make sure you get the right size. I keep making the mistake of getting one that is too long for my torso or too big and my breasts won’t fit. Don’t make my mistakes if you choose to order one. Make sure you get the right one.

These are just some of the places I have found some items from. I have actually bought an item from all of the places I have mentioned. If you know of any other places that sell plus size alternative styles for those on a budget, leave a comment.


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