Review: The Popcorn Factory Halloween Tin

Author’s Note: This review was not endorsed by anyone. I just so happen to receive this as a gift. I would also like to say that I used the Photobucket website to help with the posting these images. 

It is because of my oldest sister that I am able to do this review. Let’s give her a round of applause for these delicious treats she sent me. Do you want to know what makes these treats even better? They are Halloween themed! My sister knows my love for this holiday. Some people even joke that it is my religion….and maybe it is (hehe).

Let me start with the packaging of my gift. The tin it came it feels like it was designed exactly for me. It’s exactly what I like, but what makes it better is all the goodies inside.

There is kettle corn in Halloween colors (black and orange), Relly Jelly jelly beans, cheese popcorn, and milk chocolate.

The jelly beans are pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of the licorice (black) flavor, but the orange flavored ones made it better. If you like licorice, the black ones would taste good by themselves.

Let’s talk about the foil for a minute. It’s cute and Halloween themed! Does one really need to explain why I like that? No, I didn’t think so.
I did different things in order to relay how good the chocolate was. I broke the chocolate in half. It snapped like good chocolate. It didn’t melt fast in my mouth, and it tastes like the good stuff. There was nothing really out of the ordinary. It was just good chocolate.

I like cheese popcorn as much as the next person that likes cheese popcorn (yes, I meant to say that), and this popcorn is good. At first it tasted just like any other cheese popcorn you get during the holidays, but about half way through the bag, it got cheesier. And I don’t know about you, but I like cheese. That I means I give this a thumbs up! It was a little crumbly at one point. However, I believe that the messier something is, the better it normally is.

The CARBS!!!! Oh, the glorious carbs I shouldn’t eat. The carbs/calories (or whatever you count) in this item may not seem worth it, but if you like kettle corn, you know it comes with the territory. This was honestly some of the best kettle corn I have ever had. Ten points to kettle corn!

As you can see, their popcorn products are worth it. Their other products are good, but really it depends on if you like that brand/flavor. I sadly do not know the exact price of this product, but based off of what I saw on their site, I would guess around $20.
Company Website:


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