Review: Lush’s Deodorant, Aromaco

A little about the company :

Lush Fresh Made Cosmetics is based in Poole, UK, and was started by Mark Constantine in 1995. It is a cruelty-free company, but they are so much more. They have a product called “Charity Pot” where all the money received from your purchase of this item is spent on charities. All of their packaging is eco-friendly as well. To learn more about the company, I suggest you look here : Lush’s Story

The product : Aromaco Deodorant

Product type : Vegan

Product description according to the site : 

“Our best-selling solid deodorant for natural pits

If you’re used to using a roll-on deodorant and want to make the leap to a natural alternative, Aromaco is an easy transition. We thought about all of the most effective ingredients for a deodorant and packed them all into this rather magnificent bar. We’ve put in astringent witch hazel, added in absorbent sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as baking soda), to absorb excess moisture and smells, and fragrant patchouli oil into our creamy cake to keep you fresh, naturally. You’re left with softened, dry and tremendously pleasant smelling pits.”

My First Reaction:

When I first opened the deodorant, the smell was insanely strong. It had me worried that it would be too strong. I am not the type that usually uses strong scented items unless they are gifted to me, and even then, I don’t use them often. I was worried that I may have spent too much on something that wasn’t going to work for me.

My Results :

IT’S AMAZING! Even though the bar itself was filled with these overwhelming scents, it did not overwhelm my body. There were times through out the day I occasionally smelled the scents that came from the deodorant, but it was only a hint of it. It was never overbearing. The best part is that it actually seemed to help with my sweating. It was a rather hot day when I wore the product out. It was the kind of day you could stand outside for less than five minutes and your shirt show signs of sweats, but I was actually rather dry. I am so glad my first reaction to this product was wrong, because I want to continue to use it.

After using it more:

I still love this deodorant. It lasts longer than any other deodorant I have ever used. There is no plastic container you will wind up throwing away. I find this to be rather eco-friendly. It’s easy to apply whenever I use it. Helps to keep me smelling good all day long!

The Product Link : Click me!

The picture they show is what the product actually looks like.

Credit :

Anything that was not from me, or any information that I stated about the company, came from .


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