Replacing Coal Jobs

Author’s Note: When I first wrote this post, I didn’t think much about the audience. Now knowing that my family and other people of this area could/will be reading this, I ask that you read the whole way through before jumping to any conclusions.


I am from Eastern Kentucky where people have been effected by coal jobs being shut down or being slowly put out of business. Now, there are some places that are still doing okay, but the idea I have is for how I believed it should have went/should go for those trying to shut down the coal businesses. I may not know the specifics of everything that has gone on in the area of coal, but I do know people that have had problems due to such problems.

I know a lot of people want to get rid of coal being used as a resource. The reasons range from it being bad for the ozone to trying to preserve what we have left of the resource. There may be other reasons that I am just not aware off. What I am offering is a possible idea on how to replace coal as a resource without so many people losing a job. Instead I am offering something of a job transfer idea. It is understood that my idea may not be entirely clear as to what I am proposing, so let’s just jump to the chase and have me explain.

An idea to replace coal is solar energy or wind energy. I’m sure there are other ideas, but lets just go with these for now. These are good ideas in my opinion, but in doing so, it hurts the areas that depend on the coal services to help them to survive and prosper. My idea to help people keep a job is to try to transfer the workers of the coal industry to a job with the solar or wind energy companies. Most (if not all) employees that work in the coal industry are used to manual labor.

How to get this idea up and going? Possibly by trying to make the solar and wind energy industries in the right areas. When they know of the place and have everything ready to be able to set things up, a lot of the coal workers could be hired to help get things up and going. As the coal places start to slowly shut down and the other industry start to build their way up, they take on more workers from the coal industries.

An idea that was proposed to me after the first posting of this was job training. This job training would help these people stay on with the new company. Like I said before, I may not have all the details of this situation, but maybe someone will see this and recognize its potential.

This is my idea to help preserve (and possibly even add) the jobs we have here in Kentucky along with other states that have the same problem.



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